ACMA : An Overview

The Association of Cost and Management Accountants (ACMA), is the only bonafide Association set up for the advancement of knowledge in cost and management accounting, updating professional members on current happenings in the Accounting world and   fostering the unity of all qualified members and accredited accountants worldwide.

Benefits of Joining ACMA 

Members of ACMA are fully updated with the current developments in the accounting world through Publications, Seminars and workshops. Members of the Cost and Management Accountants (ACMA) by their professional updates can always solve any challenging issues that might arise within any accounting environment not withstanding how vigorous it might be.

Membership Information

The Membership of the Institute consist of two Categories:

  1. The First Category is the Associate Member i.e, Associate Cost and Management Accountant with designation of ACMA.
  2. The Second and being the Highest Category is the Fellow Member i.e, Fellow Cost and Management Accountant with designation of FCMA.

To be admitted to membership of the association, candidate must generally complete three years period of relevant work experience and passed a series of examinations of the association.

The association gives direct membership to holders of Associate Membership or Fellow Member’s certificates of recognized professional accounting body from any country.

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